Plugin Features

The WordPress plugin for Cars, Motorcycles and Location Map listings

WPdealer appearance

A Plugin designed to work with any theme

WPdealer has hundreds of settings to best suit your website and whatever theme it is using.
You can customize the colors and layout of every element of WPdealer, from ads, pagination, search form to contact form and much more.

Listings layouts

WPdealer has 3 different layouts, grid and list.

It is possible to customize the number of columns in the case of the grid layout, the number of listings per page and the position of the search form.

At the touch of a button the visitor can instantly change the representation of the list.

WPdealer layouts showcase
WPdealer listing PDF

Listing PDF

With just a simple click, WPdealer empowers visitors to print your listings as PDFs effortlessly.

Try it now!

Export and Import your listings

With our add-ons you can import and export your listings from and to AutoScout24 , from Gestionale Auto and Portal Club for cars and to for motorbikes, automatically or you decide when to do it.

More links to other platforms are coming soon.

WPdealer Connections AutoScout24 Gestionale Auto Portal Club

WPdealer offer various pagination options to enhance user experience and navigation:
numeric pagination, load more pagination, and infinite scroll pagination.

WPdealer WordPress plugin for Car, Motorcycle and Location map listings - Numeric pagination
Numeric pagination

Clear navigation with page numbers for large post volumes.

WPdealer WordPress plugin for Car, Motorcycle and Location map listings - load pagination
Load more pagination

Seamless browsing with dynamic loading for content-heavy sites.

WPdealer WordPress plugin for Car, Motorcycle and Location map listings - Infinite scroll pagination
Infinite scroll pagination

Continuous scrolling for uninterrupted browsing on content-rich websites.

WPdealer Cars on mobile device

Mobile-First Design

WPdealer was created for mobile devices but planned and designed in tandem with the desktop site, making proactive changes to the overall design to ensure the mobile experience is just as good as the desktop experience.

100% WooCommerce Compatible

Search products by brand and model

WPdealer adds to WooCommerce the feature to include in your products, the car and motorcycle brands and models they are suitable for.

It will be even easier for users to find what they are looking for!

WPdealer WooCommerce compatible
WPdealer WooCommerce compatible

Information request form

Earn the trust of your customers.
Your visitors will have the opportunity to request information about a product thanks to the form that WPdealer adds to its description.

WPdealer is all of this and more…

Makes, models and equipments lists always up to date

You won’t have to enter this data manually, they will always be automatically updated.

Advanced search and filters

You can customize the search form for your ads according to your needs, by adding or removing fields.

Add unlimited images and videos

Pictures describe more than words, so we haven’t set any limits on how many you can upload per ad. The same goes for videos too.

Fully responsive layout

WPdealer is designed to be displayed on screens of all sizes and resolutions while ensuring good usability.

Listing PDF

You can automatically print the vehicle data in .pdf format. Try it now!

Designed for developers

WPdealer is designed to allow developers to extend its functionality thanks to countless hooks.