What’s WPdealer? #

WPdealer is a suite of WordPress plugins dedicated to cars, motorcycles and locations listings.

The hierarchy of WPdealer plugins is divided into 3 levels, each level depends on the previous one:

  1. WPdealer, the main plugin containing the core functions. It’s necessary to the other plugins to work;
  2. WPdealer Cars, Moto, Locations, plugins specific to the type of listings they are dedicated to;
  3. The add-ons, plugins with additional features;

About settings #

WPdealer has an intuitive administration panel. When additional plugins such as WPdealer CARS, WPdealer MOTO and WPdealer LOCATION MAP or any add on are installed, their settings will be added to the admin panel.

WPdealer general settings example

That said let’s install the plugins!