General settings

Setup the General Settings #

WPdealer WordPress Plugin has a lot of settings to let you customize your listings appearance, let’s start:

  1. Navigate to WPdealer setting page, in WordPress admin;
  2. Click on the first tab General and start setting the main parameters

General Settings #

  • Currency
  • Currency position: Before price / After price
  • Price decimals: Don’t show (eg: 10.000) / Don’t show but add comma (eg: 10.000,-) / Show (eg: 10.000,50)
  • Unit of length: Km / Miles and Unit position: Before numbers / After numbers
  • Enable Ajax list loading
  • Show publish date
General Setting WPdealer

PDF Endpoint #

You can change the location of PDF files
If the field is empty it will use the default permalink

Listings Endpoints #

You can change the path of the listing of cars, motorcycles and location maps
If the field is empty it will use the default permalink

Google Maps #

This plugin mandates a Google Maps API key for showcasing Google Maps. Please acquire an API key from Google to enable map functionality within the plugin.

Action when uninstall #

You can delete all plugin options during uninstallation