WPdealer Morgan

WPdealer Morgan

Message Template

wpdealer layout text template

With WPdealer you can add default text to your ads and it will automatically appear in the text editor when you insert a new listing. The text inserted automatically will however be editable during the insertion of the advert in…

How to set up listings pagination

wpdealer paginations

WPdealer offer various pagination options to enhance user experience and navigation: To set up the pagination of with the list of listings, you need to go to the WPdealer administration page under the Listings Page section and scroll down to…

Quick search form for car listings

Quick Search Form

The Quick Search form is a streamlined search feature with minimal input fields, designed for users to swiftly access to the car listings. Its simplicity enhances efficiency in navigation. How to add it To display Quick search form you need…

How to create a “HERO BANNER”

WPdealer hero banner example
A hero banner on a website is a prominent and visually striking section, typically positioned at the top of the homepage. In this tutorial we will show you how to add it to your website to show your car, motorcycle or location listings.

Page layout

Layout Page

In WPdealer are available 3 layouts for the listing page: To set up the layout of the page with the list of listings, you need to go to the WPdealer administration page on the Listings Page section at Page layout…

Disable autofill data in WPdealer Cars

WPdealer Cars data autofill

What is autofill data feature WPdealer Cars comes with the important function of automatically filling the fields with vehicle data, such as bodytype, consumption, equipment and so on, when the make, model and version are selected when placing the advert.…